About us


“Change is the only constant in life.”

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher

At Marex, we build our mission on a dedicated approach to our customers, whose needs guide us in shaping the appropriate range of products and services that we provide to them every day, fostering a long-term partnership. Our vision is based on the principles of high quality, expert advice, and accessibility. We achieve this through renowned brands, continuous employee education, expanding our product offering, and exploring new sales channels.

Aljaž Filipič

Welcome to our world. The world of sheet metal, roofing and facade systems, and machinery.

Since 1990, Marex has been providing its customers with an excellent selection of quality products and top-notch services based on expert advice delivered by trained personnel. Our advantage as a reliable distributor allows us to offer an extremely wide range of products, fast delivery, and an excellent balance between quality and price.

Marex Approach

Comprehensive Approach

Marex d.o.o. collaborates primarily with customers who seek a long-term partner to grow with, support them, and keep them informed about the latest development trends. We adapt to each customer and find the most optimal solution!

Our company approach includes:

  • Excellent and skilled team members with years of experience. We also emphasise continuous education.
  • Trust and reliability. These are the foundations of our approach, as we understand that our customers need a serious partner they can trust.
  • Premium products from leading global suppliers. We offer established and proven brands in our work.