PREFA products are colourfast and durable, making them the best choice for aluminium roofs and facades. Aluminium is an ideal construction material for renovations because an aluminium roof is not fragile and is much lighter compared to conventional roofing materials. Moreover, the entire PREFA system allows for optimal coordination of the roof, gutters, facade, photovoltaics, and flood protection, all in the highest quality. A company with over 75 years of tradition.


Zinc is everywhere. It is a natural component of our environment, the foundation of life. For over 100 years, zinc has played a prominent role in the international architectural scene as the main component of an innovative building material. RHEINZINK is an alloy of high-grade zinc with a purity of 99.995% and precisely defined proportions of copper and titanium. It is used for roof coverings, facade cladding, drainage, and architectural details. For new constructions and renovations. Whether you are planning roof coverings, rainwater drainage, facade cladding, or want to highlight a dormer, chimney, canopy, roof edges, wall, or other architectural elements, RHEINZINK makes it possible. This natural material is exceptionally beautiful, ecologically exemplary, and provides reliable protection for generations. Available in natural or patinated versions.


VESTIS is a well-established brand of the Italian manufacturer MAZZONETTO. Since the 1990s, the company has expanded its product range to include metal coverings for roofs and facades, as well as drainage systems, creating a series of exclusive, finely finished surfaces and special coatings designed specifically for architecture and construction. The high-quality aluminium roofs and drainage systems under the VESTIS brand are characterised by their long lifespan and quality, confirmed by a 40-year warranty.


MAVIS is Mazzonetto’s line of coloured steel. In the world of metals, steel signifies strength. Architects have long been using it in mountainous areas due to its resilience in the most extreme weather conditions. Mavis is the ideal solution for anyone looking to express themselves with colours and maintain the appearance of any building unchanged over time. It has been designed and tested for use at high altitudes and is highly resistant to UV rays. Mavis is available in a special softer version for traditional folding techniques, which is a commonly used process for working with this metal, as well as in a harder version as an ideal sheet for gutter and profile production, as well as facade work.


GERARD, the premium stone-coated roofing system, is designed to withstand practically all consequences of climate change. GERARD’s lightweight steel roofing tiles are securely fastened to the roof structure with multiple fixing points at a 90° angle, making them resistant to strong winds. They are characterised by their low weight, earthquake resistance, wind and storm resistance, and especially hail resistance. Due to the stone coating on the metal, they have significantly better noise resistance compared to other metal roofing solutions, as well as excellent resistance to snow and ice sliding. They are also fire-resistant, as the non-combustible steel and coating prevent the spread of flames. With each roofing tile securely fixed at eight points, the likelihood of the roof collapsing is very low, preventing sparks from spreading inside the house. Gerard is the ideal roofing solution for renovations and new constructions, backed by a 50-year warranty.


For over 65 years, Isola has been manufacturing roofing materials for the harsh Norwegian climate. The extreme temperature fluctuations in the Norwegian climate pose significant challenges and require special solutions. Isola Powertekk, with a 30-year warranty, is made from high-quality steel using the most advanced technological process. It is highly resistant to weather conditions and extremely lightweight. In addition to stone-coated and non-stone-coated metal roofs, Isola also produces bitumen shingles with a 25-year warranty and its own Isola roof underlays.


Premium clay roof tiles from Germany that impress with excellence and a 30-year warranty. The company ERLUS ensures consistently high quality and a functionally and stylistically perfected design. Erlus roof tiles have an exceptionally stable shape, allowing for easy installation. In the production of the tiles, there is no rush, as the necessary time guarantees the quality and long-term functionality of the tiles. Approximately 30 days is the minimum time they need, from obtaining the ceramic mass, firing the tiles, to packaging them on pallets, before the tiles can leave the production facilities.
The ERLUS brand represents high quality standards that they themselves set: the elevated “e” in the logo expresses “outstanding excellence”. This is also confirmed by the numerous design awards they have received for their roof tiles.


Do you have problems with roof leaks, balconies, or sealing complex details between different building materials? The family-owned company ENKE has been successfully addressing the challenges of the market since 1924 and has become synonymous with high-quality products for metal bonding, and roof and floor renovations. Ensuring watertight roofs, durable floors, and weather-resistant metal roofs has been Enke’s mission for almost 100 years. Customers appreciate Enke products because they are easy to use, provide long-term functionality, and can save a lot of time during application.


PUREN is a pioneer in the field of rigid polyurethane foam (PUR/PIR) technology. For the past 45 years, the company has been advocating environmental protection, energy conservation, and resource preservation. In the early 1970s, when there was less discussion about air, water, and nature protection, CO2 savings, and the greenhouse effect, Puren introduced the reuse of production remnants and the development of functional material PURENIT and effective absorbents for oil and chemical spills. Today, PUREN is one of the leading manufacturers of rigid polyurethane foam for pitched and flat roofs, facades, floors, and ceilings.


Wienerberger is a leading global supplier of building materials and infrastructure solutions, producing Tondach clay roof tiles. These tiles are high-quality products made exclusively from natural materials and provide an optimal solution for all types of roofs. Tondach roof tiles are equally impressive in renovating traditional buildings and realising bold concepts of modern architecture. The quality of the entire system solution contributes to the stability and safety of the entire roof. They offer natural clay roof tiles and a wide range of durable roof tile colours obtained through a natural engobing and glazing process, allowing for complete creative freedom.
Just let your imagination and inspiration guide you!


BRAMAC has been operating in the Slovenian market since 1991 and is now part of the BMI Group, the largest company for roofing systems and waterproofing in Europe, which, in addition to Bramac concrete roof tiles, also produces products under the brand names Braas, Villas, Icopal, Everguard, and Aerodek. From day one, it has played a leading role in setting new standards for pitched roofs as well as roof system components. Bramac concrete roof tiles are an excellent choice for those seeking the highest quality of living, long-lasting protection, and aesthetic perfection for their homes while also being environmentally conscious.


MAREX DEKOR is our own brand of sheet metal that is highly machinable (round and angular bending) and, therefore, with its colour and surface variety, is an ideal surface for the architectural design of buildings. It also offers numerous application possibilities in other areas of construction, the furniture industry, household appliances, etc. Wood requires constant maintenance, while Marex Dekor sheet metal will ensure functionality for decades, saving you money and, above all, time on maintenance.


MAREX QUADRO is our own facade cladding. With its various surfaces and dimensions of individual elements, it is an ideal cladding for architectural design of buildings. It also offers numerous application possibilities in other areas, such as ceiling linings, eaves cladding, stylistic accents on residential buildings (gable ends), fillings for fence elements, facade cladding under the eaves, etc.


Flat roofs are exposed to hazardous conditions on a daily basis and can become damaged and deteriorate over time. They are the most critical area of a building or structure that protects occupants and the interior from dangers. Therefore, the roofing for flat roofs must be carefully selected, well-designed, and properly installed to ensure its longevity. It is necessary to choose appropriate roof membranes, arrange waterproofing for flat roofs, and provide thermal insulation for the roof. Sika’s roofing systems are not only durable against winds, rain, snow, hail, and other weather conditions but also the result of decades of expertise and support.


RIMEX is a premium metal for architecture and design. As a leading manufacturer in the field of metal surface finishing technology, it is best known for its stainless steel surface treatments. Explore the exquisite aesthetics of the VORTEX production series, ColourTex®, the T22 colour treatment, the GRANEX treatment achieved by sandblasting with the use of beads, MetalArt, or the Super Mirror treatment, which is highly polished stainless steel.


ROMA has been a leading manufacturer of facade and roof sandwich elements for industrial construction and refrigeration construction for over 75 years. It remains family-owned and has produced exclusively in Germany from the very beginning, which is becoming increasingly rare in the era of globalisation. It is a trusted partner for individual insulation solutions with rock wool or PUR/PIR foam. ROMA is synonymous with quality.


BUDMAT modular roofs consist of multiple panels that are assembled on the roof like puzzle pieces. The panels are compact and lightweight, making their transportation and installation a true pleasure. This will save you time and money that you can dedicate to more important things. Do you remember what you dreamed of as a child? It’s time to make those dreams come true. Dare to do it!


The leading global manufacturer of roof windows. The VELUX Group has been creating better indoor environments for over 80 years by bringing daylight and fresh air into homes and other buildings worldwide. The VELUX company was founded in Denmark and is now an international company with a presence in more than 36 countries.


Concrete roof tiles are one of the more economical and durable roofing materials. Just like concrete, concrete roof tiles become stronger as they age. Often, concrete roof tiles can withstand the lifetime of a house and withstand strong winds and heavy downpours with hail.


Stubai manufactures professional hand tools for various crafts and industries. The main areas of application are roofing, sheet metal work, and forestry. With its own forging and steel processing, the company ensures tradition and quality. Professionals swear by STUBAI.


CREATON is a manufacturer of ceramic roof coverings with over 130 years of experience and a member of the French TERREAL group. Past millennia have shown the outstanding importance of roof tiles made from fired materials. Even today, this natural material evokes special feelings. CREATON offers completely new possibilities in terms of shapes, structures, and colours. Whether it’s unique natural colours, engobed surfaces, or glass coatings – every CREATON product is unique.


Eternit Slovenia produces high-quality fibre cement products Swisspearl for roofing, façade, and garden. The prime quality of Eternit products is ensured by the world-renowned Swiss technology for manufacturing fibre cement products, developed by Eternit Switzerland after extensive research in the 1970s. Fibre cement is a safe material for health and the environment, which has been used in construction for decades, enabling the creation of durable and structurally versatile products with a long lifespan. Fibre cement products have numerous beneficial properties that are highly valued in construction or renovation projects, such as vapour permeability, frost and corrosion resistance, and non-flammability. All Swisspearl products combine excellently and allow for the creation of unique building solutions that reflect the architects’ creativity or the desires and needs of consumers.


URSA produces products made of mineral glass wool and extruded polystyrene for thermal and acoustic insulation and fire protection. Their use significantly reduces the energy needs of a building and greatly improves living comfort. Thermal insulation with URSA GLASSWOOL mineral glass wool is an optimal solution for providing a comfortable indoor climate in buildings. It is a material that is harmless to health. The elastic glass fibres provide an optimal combination of thermal and acoustic protection. URSA GLASSWOOL mineral glass wool is non-flammable according to European classification, classified as class A.


FRAGMAT is the leading provider of a wide range of products and solutions in the field of thermal insulation, waterproofing, underfloor heating, and packaging in the Slovenian market.


Long-term sealing, efficient thermal insulation, and a securely constructed roof. Your roof must have all of these. That’s why Bauder has developed appropriate high-quality materials. With high-quality bitumen or plastic roof membranes, polyurethane rigid foam thermal insulation, photovoltaic systems, and roof greening, Bauder ensures the highest level of safety, especially for flat roofs.