ENKOLIT the cold bonding agent – for permanent bonds

For over 90 years, ENKOLIT has been used for bonding metal profiles and metal coverings on walls, eaves, window sills, parapets, and other construction elements. Roofers and metalworkers value the bonding with Enkolit® adhesive because it provides highly reliable and long-lasting connections, which are also very cost-effective.

In addition to creating secure and durable bonds, it also offers the important effect of protecting the metal from corrosion on the underside and provides soundproofing to reduce the noise of rain drumming.

For bonding metal profiles and metal coverings on:

  • walls
  • eaves
  • window sills
  • parapets
  • and other construction elements

For all common metals used by roofers and metalworkers:

  • titanium-zinc
  • copper
  • aluminum
  • stainless steel
  • lead
  • galvanized steel sheet

Tools and Accessories

  • 8 cm or 25 cm toothed trowel
  • 310 ml cartridge gun
  • Enke device – Spritzenfüller DS 6 for machine application of adhesive – rental option
  • Nozzles for Enke device – Spritzenfüller DS 6
  • Electric heating device for temperature regulation of ENKOLIT adhesive in original packaging
  • EnkoClean – bitumen-dissolving cleaner
  • Set of rollers for applying Universal Primer 933

Components of the System

ENKOLIT 11 kg bucket or 32 kg hobok

ENKOLIT – 310 ml cartridges

Universal Primer 933

Instructions for Use

1. Clean the substrate

2. Apply Universal Primer 933 on uneven surfaces

3. Apply ENKOLIT adhesive

4. Spread the adhesive with a toothed trowel

5. Adhere the base metal (if necessary)

6. Coat the base metal with ENKOLIT adhesive

7. Adhere the metal covering

8. Finished


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