Enkopur® liquid synthetic membrane – since every roof needs a weather-proof protetive skin!

ENKOPUR® is a seamless, highly elastic, diffusible, and weather-resistant coating that, in combination with Enke Polyflex felt, provides a durable, reliable, and secure roof surface sealing system for terminations and penetrations.

ENKOPUR® is suitable not only for old, weathered bitumen roof surfaces but also for roof surfaces covered with membranes and metal sheets, especially for areas where standing water is expected to remain for extended periods, such as gutters.

Technical Data

  • Base: Polyurethane
  • Density: 1.4 g/cm^3 at 20°C
  • Viscosity: approx. 6000 mPas/20°C (thixotropic)
  • Elongation: approx. 40% including the felt
  • Tensile strength: approx. 7 N/mm² incl. fleece
  • Packaging: 4.0 kg packing drum, 12.5 kg packing drum, 25 kg packing drum
  • Artificial weathering: after 10.000 h the surface has become matt, (Q.U.V. – B/4 h, UV/4 h, 100 % rel. humidity at 60 °C in turns), otherwise no change
  • Water vapour diffusion resistance rate μ: approx. 1550
  • Skin-forming time: approx. 2 hours at 20 °C and 60 % rel. humidity
  • Colour: Silver-gray, black (available on request)
  • Resistance: Resistant to seawater, saltwater, factory fumes, UV and oxygen. Organic solvents cause Enkopur® to swell and must be kept away.
  • Consumption: Sealing, at least 3.0 kg/m² with additional Enke Polyflex fleece insert (110 g/m² coating weight per unit area)


  • Seamless weather-proof sealing
  • Weather-resistant
  • Excellent water vapour permeability
  • Astonishingly quick rain-proofing
  • Self-vulcanizing
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Single-component
  • Cold-processible (no welding required)

For reliable sealing of:

Flat roofs (bitumen, PVC, and EPDM membranes, concrete, wood, etc.)

Rising construction components

Terraces and balconies

Door cut-outs with little height, internal and exernal corners

Critical, difficult joining areas

Box gutter

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