The new Enke Universal 2K Primer is truly versatile. It does not exhibit thermoplastic chemical properties and is less aggressive towards foil and strip substrates. It is used as a bonding agent on various surfaces and, unlike other two-component products, remains usable for several weeks after mixing. It exhibits excellent adhesion to materials such as metals, bitumen roofing tapes, elastomer tapes, existing coatings, concrete, cement screeds, tiles, and many liquid synthetic materials.

  • Easy to apply and quick drying
  • Reduced swelling of substrates like foils and membranes
  • Suitable for 95% of common substrates found on construction sites


Component A: 3.0L container with 1.4kg content
Component B: 1.0L container with 840g content

Coverage: approximately 100-200g/m2 (for ready-to-use mixture)

Universal Primer VA 933

Packaging: Metal container 20 kg, 8.0 kg, 2.5 kg

Coverage: 100-200 g/m2

Easily spreadable and quick-drying

Excellent adhesion to various dry substrates such as concrete, cement screeds, bitumen roofing tapes, different plastics or synthetic materials, sandstone, metals.

It is also used as a consolidating base coat for bonding metal with Enkolit® adhesive on sandstone, other natural stones, or other porous or sandy substrates.

Primer P-O

Packaging: Metal container 2.5 kg

Coverage: 50 – 100 g/m2

Easily spreadable and quick-drying

Excellent adhesion to various synthetic rubber sealing tapes such as EPDM, FPO, etc.

Glass primer

Packaging: 1 l metal can

Coverage: approximately 50 g/m2

Easily spreadable and quick-drying

Excellent for use in connections and seals in glazing or ceramic claddings.

Also suitable for areas with prolonged standing water.

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