ETERNIT Valovitka®

Corrugated Sheets Valovitka® – aesthetically unique and economical at the same time
Valovitka® are a versatile roofing solution. The unique shape of the sheet with five, six, or eight waves increases its load-bearing capacity and provides additional ventilation underneath the roof. Valovitka® allow roof coverage for slopes ranging from 7° to steep pitches, making installation faster and easier.

Valovitka® are highly practical roofing materials suitable for residential houses, social, industrial, and agricultural buildings. Due to their length, they are suitable for both low and steep roofs, with slopes from 7º and upward.

Valovitka® excel in their physical and mechanical properties, surpassing the quality of the previous material. They are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance. They are designed for new roof installations and for renovating worn-out roofing. Since their dimensions and profile are the same as asbestos-cement sheets, they can be easily attached to existing undamaged battens and support structures, providing a simple, fast, and cost-effective roof renovation.

Valovitka® achieve a soft wavy surface, and when combined with handcrafted finishing elements matching the color of the sheets, they create a natural and aesthetically refined roof.

Valovitka® are characterized by:

  • High load-bearing capacity and strength
  • Vapor permeability
  • Non-flammability
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Resistance to various weather conditions
  • Low weight
  • Versatility
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Easy and fast installation
  • 10-year warranty
  • 50-year service life
  • Environmental friendliness

Valovitka V5

Valovitka V5 curved

Valovitka V8


Flat Roofing

Optimal Protection and Unique Design Under One Roof
The clean lines and flat shape of flat roofing perfectly complement modern architecture. Flat roofing is available in single or double coverage, ensuring that the entire roof structure is covered with double the thickness of the material, and even triple thickness in the horizontal overlap area.

Swisspearl fiber cement flat roofing is environmentally friendly and harmless to health.

The panels offer high strength, vapor permeability, fire resistance, and frost resistance, making them suitable for even the most extreme and exposed climates. It is the ideal choice for the most demanding architectural designs, allowing for roof breaks, transitions to facades, and the creation of valleys, ridges, and similar elements. It provides solutions for the most complex roof surfaces with slopes starting from 15°.

With its smooth surface, various dimensions, and multiple installation systems with hooks, flat roofing creates an exceptionally elegant appearance for roofs.


Structa Roofing Panels – Solid. Elegant. Durable.

STRUCTA, the new roofing panel, impresses with its flowing geometry, strength, and durability. The interweaving of waves and planes creates an elegant and structured appearance for the roof.

The new fiber cement panel Structa captivates with its flowing geometry, strength, and durability. The interweaving of waves and planes creates an elegant and structured appearance for the roof. Each Structa roofing panel is securely fastened to the roof structure twice, making it highly resistant to storms. With a production process that has been tested for many years, Structa roofing panels guarantee the highest quality.

Eternit ensures the highest quality and safety of the new product with a production process that has been tested for many years.

The unbeatable advantages of Structa include quick and easy installation, low weight, and versatility for all types of roofs, with slopes starting from 11°.


Swiss Pearl Facade Panels

Large-format flat roof panels – harmony between roof and facade
Large-format flat roof panels by Swisspearl® are available for two roofing systems – Integral Plan and Integral Crea. Waterproofing must be ensured with the lower roof.

Large-format flat facade panels by Swisspearl® are designed according to the ventilated facade system. The inner layers provide the building with structural strength and thermal and acoustic insulation, while the outer cladding effectively protects the internal components from rain, wind, and snow, giving the building a prestigious and enduringly beautiful appearance.

Catalog of Eternit facade systems Catalog of facade systems sales program

Large-format facade panels have a specially treated surface, impregnated edges, and a coating on the backside. They are available in various finishing options. After trimming all four edges, they can be further cut into desired sizes. They are installed with horizontal and vertical joints, or alternatively in strips with horizontal overlaps.


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