Mavis is Mazzonetto’s line of prepainted steel. In the language of metals, steel equals strength. Indeed, it has long been employed by the architectural world in mountainous areas because of its resilience to the most extreme weather conditions.
Mavis is the perfect solution for anyone who seeks expression through colour and wants to keep the appearance of any building unaltered over time. It has been designed and tested for usage at high altitudes as well and is highly resistant to UV rays.
Mavis is available in a special softer version for the traditional seaming operations often required of this metal, and also in a harder version ideal for usage as gutters and profiles production and façade work. Mavis is Mazzonetto’s line of prepainted steel.

Easy Installation
In order to simplify the work of the installers, Mavis is divided into two products; the line with base metal DX51D is harder and is recommended for gutter prodoction, while the line with base metal DX53D is softer and malleable, ideal for roofing with double lock standing seam.
Ecological and recyclable
Mavis is atoxic and 100% recyclable.
20-Year Warranty
Mavis materials are of high quality, and therefore, the manufacturer offers a 20-year warranty.

Roofing Quality

BASE METAL: DX51D + zinc coating 225 g/m2
WIDTH: 500 / 625 / 1000 / 1250 mm
THICKNESS: 0,55 mm
FRONT SIDE: 35 μm K2 surface
BACK SIDE: 25 μm polyester

For Gutter Production

BASE METAL: DX53D + zinc coating 225 g/m2
WIDTH: 670
THICKNESS: 0,55 mm
FRONT SIDE: 35 μm K2 surface
BACK SIDE: 25 μm polyester


UV resistance
UV resistant also at high altitudes. More weatherproof than normal surfaces. More long-lasting.

Scratch resistance
Scratch-resistant to facilitate operator’s activity and to achieve a more aesthetic result for his customer.


All colors are available with stucco surface. Possible slight differences in color tone between different production lots.


RAL 7037

RAL 7016

RAL 9006

RAL 9002





Pipe brackets


End caps



Perforated strips

Inclined Cup outlets

Straight Cup outlets

Gutter outlet

Double elbow


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