PREFA has been manufacturing robust aluminum facades and roofs for 75 years, designed and installed by authorized partners, providing protection to your home for decades. PREFA aluminum products are known for their long lifespan and quality, backed by a 40-year warranty on color and material.

The comprehensive PREFA system – A strong system is more than the sum of its parts:

  • Roofing systems
  • Facade systems
  • Roof drainage
  • Coils and metal sheets
  • Solar systems
  • Flood protection

PREFA roofing systems

Roof tile
A classic with decades of in-the-field experience: the roof tile has stood for the unique quality of PREFA products for more than 75 years.

Roofing Tile R.16
Pure design in landscape format: the PREFA R.16 roof tile is sleek, straight and comes in a large format. It doesn’t just look pretty, it’s also quick to install.

PREFA roof shingles are the all-rounder on the roof and are suitable for both modern and classic roof structures.

Roof Shingle DS.19
Large format, lightweight and practical to install.

Rhomboid roof tile 44 × 44
Minimum weight, maximum efficiency in handling: the rhomboid roof tile 44 × 44 enables a quick and cost-effective installation.

Rhomboid roof tile 29 × 29
Timelessly attractive: “Scaly” appearance with the rhomboid roof tile 29 × 29 for a beautiful and attractive roof design.

Small rhomboid roof tile
Perfect complement: With our small elements, you can enhance pillars, canopies, and chimneys.
Available as a combination of roofing and facade.

Roof Panel FX.12
Lively and durable: depending on how the light falls, the irregular edges create unique effects.

Roof System Prefalz®
Versatile and supple: PREFALZ is easy to work with and thus offers great creative scope for your roofing.

Falzonal® enables you to explore ambitious design possibilities while remaining easy to work with.

PREFA facade systems

Horizontal, vertical or diagonal: When planning façades, PREFA sidings allow you to think in all directions.

A distinctive character for every project!

Facade Shingle
The proven rhomboid shape and the wide range of colours ensure attractive and harmonious façade surfaces.

Facade Shingle XL
Perfect solution for expressive facade surfaces: Striking shingle design meets high-tech material, aluminum.

Rhomboid facade tile 44 × 44
Fascinating rhomboid shape: the generous 44 × 44 format gives the proven “scaly” appearance impressive accents.

Rhomboid facade tile 29 × 29
The PREFA rhomboid façade tile 29 × 29 is characterised by its robustness, durability and individual design options and is suitable for various building projects.

Rhomboid facade tile 20 × 20
Ideal for renovating gables, dormers, chimneys and great for scale-like façade cladding

Facade Panel FX.12
Unique right-angled canting: Depending on how the light falls, the building front radiates ever changing colours.

Ripple Profile
Robust and attractive: the ripple profile is the ideal product for architectural dreams that should last for generations.

Serrated Profile
Skilful interplay of light/shadow: the serrated profile turns façades into extraordinary projection surfaces.

Aluminum Composite Panel
For big and small plans: ideas can be implemented impressively with PREFABOND aluminium composite panels.

Prefalz Facade System
There are no limits to the imagination: The infinite design variety of PREFALZ makes every façade unique.

Roof Drainage

Half round Gutter
A roof drainage system as an integrated whole: the aluminium half round gutter perfectly rounds off your PREFA roof system.

Box Gutter
Powder-coated, corrosion-free, attractive: Roof drainage from PREFA ticks all the right boxes.

On-roof Gutter
Prepared for all weathers: With the long-lasting, aluminium PREFA on-roof gutter.

Square downpipe
Square, practical, attractive! The innovative drainage system for modern architecture.

Aluminium downpipes in best PREFA quality with extensive accessories

Other Offer

Colour aluminium coils
PREFA aluminium coils and sheets are easy to process and are ideal for cladding gables, channels, window sills and the like.

Solar panel substructure
Look on the sunny side: With the Solar panel substructure for your strong PREFA roof.

Demountable flood barrier
Remain deeply relaxed when the flood comes: PREFA’s flood protection system keeps bad weather outside.


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