RHEINZINK® is a premium brand of titanium zinc sheet for roofing, facade cladding, and rainwater drainage, available in five product lines: CLASSIC, prePATINA ECO ZINC, ART COLOR, GRANUM, and PRISMO. RHEINZINK roofing and facade systems, backed by a 40-year warranty, are highly favored by architects and investors for their clean lines and clear structure. The image on the right showcases the prePATINA product line, available in contemporary blue-grey and graphite-grey finishes. By combining various widths and lengths, it allows for highly creative facade designs.

Product lines of RHEINZINK® sheet metal


In the late 1980s, RHEINZINK became the first manufacturer to develop a patination process for titanium zinc sheet. Through an innovative patination process, the final surface appearance of prePATINA ECO ZINC blue-grey or prePATINA ECO ZINC graphite-grey is achieved right at the factory. This color effect is not a coating, preserving all the positive characteristics of solid zinc that would naturally develop over time on the building. Another advantage of natural patination or the production patination process is that any potential scratches, due to continuous patina formation, are self-healing and thus remain invisible. The prePATINA ECO ZINC product line is environmentally friendly, requires no maintenance, and is an excellent choice for projects with individual character.




Original, natural and established: RHEINZINK-CLASSIC bright rolled has more than proven itself for over 50 years. Depending on the climatic conditions, the initially shiny metallic surface gradually develops a velvety blue-grey patina which gives each building charisma and an individual character. Useable for all plumbing work involving seaming and soldering techniques, the surface offers a perfect symbiosis of tradition and modernity.



RHEINZINK’s artCOLOR is used to clad roofs and facades in attractive colour compositions which impress both optically and functionally. Whether classic, avant-garde, high-contrast or tone-in-tone – the colourful accents vitalise every building and give it a unique appearance. The RHEINZINK colour palette already includes the shades of black-grey, pure white, pearl-gold, moss-green, nut-brown, blue and brick-red, but other colours can be individually produced upon request. UV-resistant and durable thanks to a high-quality PVDF-coating, RHEINZINK-artCOLOR opens up contemporary and effective design possibilities for architects, planners, craftsmen and building-owners.









RHEINZINK is expanding its range of high-quality surface finishes by adding two phosphated variants: GRANUM skygrey and GRANUM basalte. The grey elegance of GRANUM skygrey appears aesthetic, authentic and self-sufficient. As a dark grey, almost black version, GRANUM basalte gives a puristic, professional and precise look. The straightforward grey tones allow room for efficient individuality and modern, transparent architecture. Intelligently combined with materials such as wood, natural stone, plaster or glass surfaces they create artful, clear contrasts and spark visions of an urban design far beyond the mainstream. New opportunities open up for positioning objects with an unique character in a contemporary context.

The skygrey and basalte surfaces in the GRANUM product line perfectly complement RHEINZINK’s existing product range. The noble, matt appearance is achieved by phosphating the surfacebased on state-of-the-art and environment-friendly production technology. The phosphate layer is long-lasting, weather-resistant and sustainable, and implies the characteristic texture of natural patina once installed.




Colours create atmosphere, show character, and stimulate. With PRISMO, RHEINZINK’s natural-looking colour-coated product line, buildings attract attention whilst still blending naturally into their surroundings. Thus, a unique look is created which lives and depicts nature. In a harmonious combination with natural materials such as wood, RHEINZINK-PRISMO lends every project that special something.

Aesthetic Overall Appearance
Six colour nuances inspired by nature highlight the concept of a construction, the unusual semi-transparency of the coating forms the marking characteristic for an aesthetic overall appearance. The nuances of gold, brown, blue, red, green and black are an expression of a naturalness which sees the colour factor as an association with the basic elements of earth, fire, water and air.

The basis of the PRISMO line is the phosphated surface, GRANUM skygrey, which is provided with a semi-transparent PU lacquer. The resulting coloured effects allows a hint of the underlying zinc structure which adds an unexpected facet to the building’s appearance. Together with the second coloured RHEINZINK variant, artCOLOR, which impresses with its bright colour spectrum, we are now able to offer two creative solutions for that individual look.








RHEINZINK rainwater drainage systems offer numerous shapes and individual usage options. They include semi-circular and angular roof gutters, downpipes, various special shapes in standard dimensions, and appropriate additional equipment for sheet metal products.

With approximately 500 different products, the RHEINZINK rainwater drainage system provides security and an excellent assortment that is well-coordinated. Whether in the surface variants RHEINZINK prePATINA bright rolled, RHEINZINK prePATINA blue-grey, or RHEINZINK prePATINA graphite-grey – all end products and custom-made special designs are made from the same material.

The formation of a natural protective layer is crucial for the long-lasting performance of RHEINZINK rainwater drainage systems, allowing them to fulfill their function for decades without requiring maintenance.

Labeling of RHEINZINK® Products

European standards oblige manufacturers to label their products. The authenticity of RHEINZINK® products is indicated by the following marks:

  • RHEINZINK® sheets and strips: Continuous color embossing on the underside of the sheet metal.
  • Gutters and downpipes: Continuous embossing in the form of an impressed RHEINZINK stamp.
  • Rainwater drainage equipment: Stamped with the RHEINZINK logo, which can be found on all rainwater drainage products. This system consists of almost 500 elements that are perfectly coordinated, ensuring precise fitting.

QUALITY ZINC – Standard for Construction Zinc

RHEINZINK® sheet metal is under continuous foreign supervision by the technical inspection institution TÜV Rheinland. This renowned German inspection company has developed its own criteria for the quality of construction zinc. The quality criteria catalog includes all material characteristics and allowed tolerances regarding the quality of semi-finished products (strips and sheets).

External inspections are carried out six times a year without prior notice by TÜV Rheinland’s inspectors. Specific aspects of quality that exceed standard requirements are subject to special scrutiny, such as:

  • Minimum allowable thickness deviation of ±0.020 mm
  • Minimal tolerances regarding length and width (+2.0/-0 mm)
  • Increased elongation limit (Rp 0.2).


*Images are from the Rheinzink website.

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