Wood and Timber Products

Wood and timber products are natural materials that have very favourable properties, especially when it comes to the climate in our living environments. In the roofing and sheet metal industry, we also know various types of products that can be made from wood. These include structural timber for roof construction, OSB boards, sawn timber (battens, planks), and it can also be used as insulation.


Laminated elements are made from sawn and glued wood with a multi-layer structure. Due to their longitudinal-transverse composition, laminated elements have extremely good mechanical properties and dimensional stability.

Solid wood laminated elements offer us many possibilities for use in the construction of roof elements, walls, ceilings, and other structural elements in construction and timber construction.

Thanks to its aesthetics and excellent mechanical properties, it represents an ideal solution for modern dry construction of buildings.


Boards and battens can be provided in various thicknesses and widths.

Standard offer:

  • Battens 5 x 4 cm and 5 x 8 cm, as well as 2.4 x 15 cm and 25 x 400 cm.
  • Battens 4/5 and battens 5/8 are most suitable for roof construction or partition walls, but they can also be used as connecting elements or main load-bearing elements for simpler structures and formwork.
  • Wood type: Spruce.

Boards are suitable for roof covering, but they can also be used as carpentry wood, for interior wooden formwork, or as facade boards for wooden facades.

Battens and boards are available in the form of raw wood, treated with preservatives, or vacuum-pressure impregnated.


OSB boards are multi-layered glued boards made of wood material, with oriented strand orientation of larger wood particles. They are used in roof construction, dry construction, as well as in wooden prefabricated buildings – houses.

The boards have excellent physical properties and excellent moisture resistance due to their composition.

We offer different types of OSB boards.

We provide OSB boards with tongue and groove or with a straight edge. Thanks to the processed joint, installation is easy and fast.

In addition to OSB boards made mostly from pine wood, we also offer boards made from poplar wood, which have additional improved moisture resistance.


Insulation boards made from wood fibres significantly contribute to reducing the energy consumption of a building while ensuring a long-lasting healthy climate indoors.

We offer insulation boards made from wood fibres. With their excellent thermal and sound insulation properties, they provide a cost-effective solution for insulating your roof and living spaces.

The boards can also be installed in combination with other types of insulation.

Various thicknesses and formats of boards are available, depending on your needs.


A natural system of insulation and construction systems for renovation and new construction – roof, ceiling, walls, and floors.

STEICO products are made from renewable raw materials and are free from environmentally harmful additives. They significantly contribute to reducing energy consumption and enable a long-lasting healthy indoor climate suitable even for people with allergies. Whether it is construction or insulation materials, STEICO products boast numerous quality awards that confirm their biological harmlessness and environmental protection.



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