Concrete roofs

Natural resources are limited, which means that in a globally developing world, they will not always be available in unlimited quantities. Therefore, it is increasingly important to choose environmentally friendly construction materials. Those who wish to build with eco-friendly building materials will use concrete roof tiles for their roof construction. The first manual production of concrete roof tiles dates back to 1840, while industrial production, including surface coating of the tiles, began after 1950.

The greater strength of roof tiles compared to other types of roofing materials provides significantly better hail resistance. Hailstones simply bounce off the roof tiles, giving a sense of security.

Today, there is a growing variety of models and sizes available in the production of concrete roof tiles. Depending on the model and manufacturer, the average consumption of concrete roof tiles is 10 tiles/m2. The range of models is increasingly adapting to the selection of clay roof tile models.


Many criteria that influence the choice of a roof. The highest quality standards are demanded, individual aesthetics are sought, and, of course, an affordable price. Bramac roof tiles are the right choice for environmentally friendly construction and a durable roofing solution.

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GOLOB Roof Tiles
At Golob Roof Tiles company, the production of roofing materials is a 50-year-old tradition. They have combined the valuable experiences of previous generations with the fresh knowledge of new generations.

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