Clay roof tiles

Clay roof tiles have a centuries-old tradition on the roofs of Slovenian houses. Clay roof tiles are made from natural material – clay, which adds beauty and warmth to the building. They are environmentally friendly products that ensure quality and comfortable living.

Clay is a material that can absorb and release moisture throughout its entire lifespan, which is why it can be said that a roof covered with clay roof tiles breathes. The surface of the tile can be natural (fired clay), engobed, or glazed – with a glossy engobe. The colour layer is applied to the raw tile before firing and then fired together with the tile in a kiln.

Being completely natural, clay roof tiles have the ability to retain and release moisture. This is a definite advantage compared to some roofs made of other materials, as condensation does not occur on the underside of the tiles.

The purchase of clay roof tiles is primarily determined by the roof pitch. Clay tiles are suitable for roofs with a pitch of 10 degrees and above. However, it is important to note that for each model and low pitch, a specific underlay called a membrane is required, as the membrane must ensure the waterproofing of the roof at very low pitches.

Roofs covered with clay roof tiles are resistant to UV rays, acids, and bases. They are non-combustible and resistant to freezing. They require no maintenance and have a long lifespan. Clay roof tiles can last up to 100 years and are fully recyclable.


ERLUS roof tiles are a natural product that requires time: from obtaining the ceramic mass, firing the tiles, to packageing them on pallets, it takes about 30 days. The tiles must also meet high requirements. They need to protect the roof from rain and wind. They must be stable and meet numerous standards. ERLUS fulfills all these criteria with high-tech production methods and the rich experience of their employees.

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offers numerous roofing solutions for new construction and renovations. It is a natural clay tile roofing that emphasizes quality, aesthetics, functionality, and durability.

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CREATON ensures quality that you can rely on. With its experience and over 130-year tradition, it aims to invigorate the market and delight you as a customer with a new roofing culture.

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The choice of roof is influenced by many criteria. The highest quality standards are demanded, individual aesthetics are sought, and last but not least, a favourable price is desired. Braas ceramic roof tiles are also well-known in the Slovenian market for their excellent quality and refined designs.
Bramac is the general importer of Braas roofing materials.

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