Metal roofs and facades

Personal style and expressing individuality through unique architecture are undoubtedly among the privileges that bring the most joy to any investor. Roofing and facade cladding are the mirrors of a house and can represent your personal style in a special way. Metal roofing and facade systems are becoming increasingly popular choices for both roofs and facades. At Marex, we offer a comprehensive solution for renovation or new construction projects.

Investors are increasingly opting for ventilated metal facade cladding combined with roofing and drainage systems. This execution solution provides an irreplaceable look and impresses with its excellent structural and functional properties. So… Whether you want to realize new visions or renovate your facade or roofing, the presented solution knows no boundaries when it comes to your creativity. Explore unique roofing solutions that can be combined with facade cladding.

We introduce you to a modern system of facade cladding and roofing that, when combined with drainage, creates an exceptional look. It is a trend in contemporary construction that allows even a traditionally designed home to be transformed into a modern and enviable structure.

You can choose from various metal roofing and facade cladding options (copper, titanium zinc, aluminium, stainless steel, galvanized steel) and select from different top-quality manufacturers. As these are individual solutions, we also provide technical advice in collaboration with your architectural firm.

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Metal roofing and ventilated facades have a very long lifespan.

Up to a 40-year warranty on materials and, depending on the geographical location of the building, even on colour.

Diversity of choice
You can choose between natural surface metals and coloured metals, with the possibility of ordering according to the RAL colour chart.

Resistant to hail, snow, wind, fire, and noise.

Perfectly coordinated comprehensive systems:
roof, facade, and drainage.


PREFA products are colourfast and durable, making them the best choice for aluminium roofs and facades. Aluminum, as a construction material, is ideal for renovations because aluminium roofs are not brittle and are much lighter compared to conventional roofing materials. Moreover, the entire PREFA system allows for optimal coordination between the roof, gutters, facade, photovoltaics, and flood protection, all of the highest quality. A company with over 75 years of tradition.

Zinc is everywhere. It is a natural component of our environment, the foundation of life. For over 100 years, zinc has played a prominent role as the main ingredient in innovative building materials in the international architectural scene. RHEINZINK is an alloy of high-grade zinc with a purity of 99.995% and precisely defined proportions of copper and titanium. It is used for roofing, facade cladding, drainage, and architectural details. Whether it’s for new constructions or renovations, whether you are planning to cover a roof, manage rainwater drainage, clad a facade, or highlight specific architectural elements such as a dormer, chimney, canopy, roof edges, walls, or other building structures, RHEINZINK provides the solution. This natural material is exceptionally beautiful, environmentally friendly, and ensures reliable protection for generations. It is available in natural or patinated versions.

MAREX DEKOR is our own brand of sheet metal that is excellently mechanically processed (round and flat bending), and due to its colour and surface diversity, it is an ideal surface for the architectural design of buildings, while also offering numerous possibilities for use in other areas of construction, furniture industry, white goods, etc. Wood requires permanent maintenance, while Marex Dekor sheet metal will provide functionality for decades, saving you money on maintenance and, above all, time.

VESTIS is a well-established brand of the Italian manufacturer MAZZONETTO. Since the 1990s, the company has expanded its product range with the production of metal claddings for roofs and facades, as well as drainage systems, and has created a series of exclusive finished surfaces and special coatings designed specifically for architecture and construction. The high-quality VESTIS brand aluminium roofs and drainage systems are known for their long lifespan and quality, confirmed by a 40-year warranty.

MAVIS is Mazzonetto’s line of coloured steel. In the world of metals, steel represents strength. Architects have been using it in mountainous areas for a long time due to its resistance to the most extreme weather conditions. Mavis is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to express themselves with colours and maintain the appearance of any building unchanged over time. Designed and tested for use at high altitudes, Mavis is highly resistant to UV rays. Mavis is available in a special softer version for traditional folding techniques, which is a commonly used method for working with this metal, as well as in a harder version as an ideal material for gutter and profile production, as well as for facade work.

MAREX QUADRO is our own facade cladding that, with its various surface finishes and dimensions of individual elements, is an ideal cladding for the architectural design of buildings, while also offering numerous possibilities for use in other areas such as ceiling linings, eaves cladding, stylistic accents on residential buildings (gables), fillings for fence elements, facade cladding below the roof, etc.

RIMEX is a premium material for architecture and design. As a leading manufacturer in metal surface treatment technology, it is best known for its surface finishes on stainless steel. Discover the exquisite aesthetics of the production series such as VORTEX, ColourTex®, T22 colour treatment, GRANEX bead-blasted finish, MetalArt, or the Super Mirror finish, which is highly polished stainless steel.


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