Metal roofs with or without coating

Metal roofings with or without granules enhance the refined aesthetics of the roof itself, which can be shaped into various forms due to the properties of the material. The roof tiles create a striking impression and visibly dynamic lines on the roof.

They are suitable for both new constructions and older buildings since their lightweight nature makes them an excellent material for roof renovation without requiring additional reinforcement of the roof structure.

Metal roofings with or without granules have a metal coating of zinc or alu-zinc (aluminium and zinc alloy). The coating provides appropriate protection to the material, preventing the formation of rust. To ensure long-lasting colour durability, the paint is bonded to the steel during the manufacturing process along with the coating.

Metal roofings with or without granules exhibit excellent resistance to severe weather conditions such as hail, snow, and strong winds up to 150 km/h.

The main advantages of metal roofings with or without granules are primarily the mechanical properties – material flexibility, appearance, and easy and faster installation due to larger panel formats.


The premium roofing with coating GERARD is designed to withstand virtually all consequences of climate change. Lightweight steel GERARD roofing tiles are fastened to the roof structure with multiple fastening elements at a 90° angle, making them secure against strong winds. They are characterized by low weight and earthquake resistance, and they are resistant to wind and storms, especially hail. Due to the coating on the metal, they have significantly better noise resistance compared to other metal roofs, as well as excellent resistance to snow and ice sliding. They are also fire-resistant, as the non-flammable steel and coating prevent the spread of flames. Since each roofing tile is securely fastened at eight points, the likelihood of the roof collapsing is very low, thus preventing sparks from spreading into the interior of the house. Gerard is an ideal roofing solution for renovations and new constructions with a 50-year warranty.

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Isola has been producing roofing solutions for the harsh Norwegian climate for over 65 years. The Norwegian climate, with its extreme temperature fluctuations, is highly demanding and requires special solutions. With a 30-year warranty, Isola Powertekk roofing is made from high-quality steel using the most advanced technological process. It is highly resistant to weather conditions and extremely lightweight. In addition to coated and non-coated metal roofing, Isola also produces Isola bitumen shingles with a 25-year warranty, as well as their own Isola roof membranes.

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BUDMAT modular roofs are composed of multiple panels that fit together on the roof like puzzle pieces. The panels are compact and lightweight, making transportation and installation a true delight. This will save you time and money that you can dedicate to more important things. Do you remember what you dreamed of as a child? It’s time to make those dreams come true. Dare to do it!

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