Polycarbonate roofs

Light is an important element of living space, and transparent polycarbonate roofs have a high light transmission rate (from 74% to 87% for clear sheets). Standard double-sided UV protection prevents the sheets from yellowing and becoming brittle in sunlight. Due to their lightweight, they are easy to install and handle. They are characterized by good impact resistance and hail resistance. The sheets can be installed on wooden or various metal structures. They can be flat or corrugated. For flat roofs, a recommended minimum slope is 5°.

You can choose from the following types of transparent sheets:

  • LEXAN multilayer polycarbonate sheets are often used for carport roofs, terrace roofs, pergolas, etc. We can offer flat, corrugated, and trapezoidal polycarbonate sheets.
  • Polycarbonate glass closely resembles glass in appearance but is about half the weight.
  • Corrugated and trapezoidal polycarbonate sheets are commonly used for skylights in combination with other non-transparent roofing materials or as standalone roofs for canopies.
  • Polycarbonate Diamond wave sheet is a compact, 2.8 mm thick sheet with a prismatic relief structure on the underside.
  • Polycarbonate roofing system Fastlock UNI is a system of 20 cm wide, slightly curved single-layer sheets for covering all types of canopies. The roofing is attached without drilling, using special fasteners, which prevents water leakage.


Lexan polycarbonate sheets are considered one of the highest quality sheets of their kind on the market. They boast the lowest yellowing index. UV protection is standard on both sides, unlike other typical materials of this kind. Despite the harmful impact of sunlight, the sheets will later yellow but will not become brittle.

Lexan Catalog

Akraplast is a long-standing manufacturer of high-quality polycarbonate sheets. They offer a wide range of shapes and quality profiles with proper UV protection.

Akralux Minicel Catalog Akralux Panel Catalog Akralux Greca Catalog Akralux Onda Catalog


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