Fibre cement roofing

Fibre-cement roofing has been used as a roofing material since the late 19th century. The former asbestos-containing corrugated sheets have been replaced with new, more modern, and asbestos-free fiber-cement sheets. Such sheets belong to the lightweight category of roof coverings.

The new fiber-cement sheets are characterized by their natural composition and environmental safety, versatile application, quick installation, suitability for low and high slopes, strength, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, vapour permeability, and resistance to various external influences.



Eternit Slovenia produces high-quality fiber cement products Swisspearl for roofs, facades, and gardens. The outstanding quality of Eternit products is ensured by the world-renowned Swiss technology for manufacturing fiber cement products, developed by Eternit Switzerland after extensive research in the 1970s. Fibre cement is a safe and environmentally friendly material that has been used in construction for decades, allowing the creation of durable and structurally versatile products with a long lifespan. Fibre cement products have numerous beneficial properties that are highly valued in construction or renovation projects. These include vapour permeability, frost and corrosion resistance, as well as non-combustibility. All Swisspearl products complement each other perfectly, allowing for the creation of unique building solutions that reflect the creativity of architects or meet the needs and desires of customers.

Eternit Catalog for Roofing Materials


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