Bending of Sheet Metal

We bend all types of profiles for use in construction – primarily roof and facade profiles, as well as various substructural profiles with a thickness of up to 3 mm and various lengths and other custom profiles.

We offer the bending of sheet metal up to 1.5 mm thickness for mild steel, up to 2.0 mm thickness for aluminium, and up to 1.0 mm thickness for stainless steel, with lengths of up to 6,400 mm on our own bending machines. We also provide bending services for dimensions outside the mentioned range, where we collaborate with our partners to ensure the bending of even the most demanding profiles. We use sheet metal from our extensive range, and we can also bend customer-supplied sheet metal.

Sheet Metal Profiling

We offer sheet metal profiling for roofing and facade profiles. We produce trapezoidal profiles, roofing panel sheets, profiles for folded roofs, as well as facade profiles for panel facade systems.

A folded roof allows for the construction of a roof with minimal slope and represents one of the best solutions for high-quality roof construction. We provide high-quality sheet metal that can be properly folded, and we also offer equipment rental and sales – machines for the correct fabrication and installation of the mentioned roofing systems. For folded profiles such as the Schlebach roofing profile, we also rent machines for on-site fabrication, and we can manufacture the profile according to your specifications.

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We can cut the sheet metal in coils into strips or across into sheets. We can perform longitudinal cutting up to a thickness of 1.25 mm and a width of 1250 mm, while for sheets, we can produce them up to a thickness of 2.00 mm and a width of 1500 mm. The maximum weight is limited to 5 tons. We use a line that is specifically suitable for coloured sheet metal, and in combination with our partners, we also offer cutting/rewinding of all other types of sheet metal according to the customer’s request.

Sheet rewinding

We rewind the sheet metal and convert it into smaller rolls.

We offer rewinding into smaller rolls from larger coils. So, we can rewind coils weighing 5 tons or more into rolls up to 100 kg or as desired, and we can also add other processes such as laminating, cutting, or any necessary operations. The coils can have a maximum weight of 5 tons and a width of 1250 mm.

Protective film application

At our MINI SERVICE CENTER, we offer the application of high-quality protective PVC film in widths of 1000 and 1250 mm (other widths are also available upon request and agreement). We also sell protective film in rolls or according to the customer’s preferences (different films for different materials).

We provide machine application of various protective films onto sheet metal: transparent, black and white, with or without the customer’s logo, with different resistances, and in various dimensions.

Sheet Metal Perforation

Our program includes a wide range of perforated sheet metal options, and we also offer perforation services for your own sheet metal with various perforation patterns. Additionally, we can process the sheet metal of your choice to give it a rough or hammered surface texture, known as the STUCCO pattern.

Application of Anti-Condensation Felt

During the winding process, we can add self-adhesive felt to all coil sheets. The felt on the sheet absorbs moisture that occurs due to water condensation on the cold sheet. The felt also acts as thermal insulation and reduces noise. We offer various widths and thicknesses of felt.

Rentals – Marex Rent

We offer equipment rentals for use in construction and roofing. You can rent self-propelled glass manipulators Smartlift, vacuum devices for lifting glass and construction panels VIAVAC, manual and self-propelled welding machines LEISTER for film welding, profiling machines Schlebach, and joint closing machines ACCUSEAMER…

Consulting and Engineering

Our service includes technical consulting, installation of technological equipment in the space, design and review of various layouts, and optimisation of technological equipment according to the client’s preferences. We also offer customised solutions for specific stages of the process or comprehensive, tailored solutions. We provide assistance, advice, and support in obtaining grants, subsidies, and other incentives for the purchase of machinery and other technological equipment.


Together with our partners, we offer various financing options and leasing of technological equipment or individual machines. You can conveniently arrange financing in one place when purchasing machinery or equipment.

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