Copper sheet metal

Our standard range of copper sheet includes:

  • Copper sheet ranging from 0.30 mm to 10.00 mm thickness, in Cu-DHP or Cu-ETP quality, with hardnesses of R220/240/290.
  • Copper sheet in widths of 1000 / 1250 mm or custom-cut, or in sheets of 1000 x 2000 mm dimensions.
  • Our standard program for roofing work encompasses copper sheets with thicknesses of 0.50/0.55/0.60/0.70/0.80/1.00 mm and widths of 330/500/600/670/1000/1250 mm.
  • Upon special request, we also offer pre-treated or patinated sheets. We can also cut the sheets into various widths/lengths.
  • We provide copper in the form of flat profiles with different dimensions (25 x 5, 30 x 5…).

In addition to roofing sheets for construction and roofing applications, we also offer copper sheets for industrial use according to customers’ specific requirements


Tecu is a trademark of KME. Within the Tecu program, we offer patinated copper treated with acid, which gives the product an aged visual appearance.

The Tecu trademark is available in the following finishes:

  • TECU® Classic
  • TECU® Oxid
  • TECU® Patina
  • TECU® Premium
  • TECU® Brass
  • TECU® Bronze
  • TECU® Gold
  • TECU® Iron
  • TECU® Design
  • TECU® Bond

We also offer cheaper alternatives with a copper-like appearance.


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