Galvanised sheet metal

We offer galvanised sheet metal of various thicknesses and widths, in different qualities, with various zinc coatings according to our customer’s preferences. Available in coil or sheets.

The standard range of galvanised sheet metal includes:

  • Sheet metal in coils, strips, and plates
  • Roofing sheet metal in DX51 or DX52 quality, dimensions 0.50 / 0.55 / 1.00 x 1000/1250 mm – always in stock
  • Sheet metal in formats ranging from 0.5 to 3.00 mm in width of 1000-1500 mm and lengths in standard formats of 2000 – 6000 mm or as per the customer’s request

Other thicknesses available from 0.3 to 3.00 mm in different qualities such as DX51, DX52, or S280GD, S320GD… or as per the customer’s requirement
The standard zinc coating ranges from 140 – 275 g/m2, and other requirements upon order.

Galvanised coloured sheet metal

Our key product is galvanised coloured sheet metal. With a wide range – more than 130 colours available within a week, we guarantee the widest selection in the region and customized fast delivery according to customer’s needs and preferences.

Through partnerships with recognized European manufacturers, we ensure quality and consistent colour matching, allowing us to meet even the highest customer demands in terms of colour, quality, quantity, and delivery speed.

Our standard program of roofing sheet metal includes coil sheet metal in DX 51 / DX 52 / S280GD quality – thickness 0.50 – 0.55 – 0.60 – 0.75 – 1.00 – 1.20 – 1.50 mm, width 1000/1250/1500 mm or cut to desired width/length, with a standard zinc coating of 140/200/275 g/m2 + 25/35 microns of paint on both sides or single-sided.

Our sheet metal is suitable for both flat bending and curved bending – depending on the quality. In addition to standard roofing sheet metal, we offer a wide range of colours and basic materials of various qualities upon request.

Our program includes:

  • Different sheet metal thicknesses according to customer requirements
  • Different qualities: DX 51, DX 52, S220, S250, S280
  • Various zinc coatings
  • Customizable colour options (more than 130 colours available in approximately 1 week)
  • Digital printing on sheet metal – unlimited possibilities
  • Different paint coatings (polyester, PVDF, lamination)
  • Application of protective film, cutting to desired dimensions, creation of stucco surfaces, perforation…
  • Warranties up to 30 years

We also have matte colours in stock and other options available upon request.



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