Lead sheet metal

For special requirements, we offer lead sheets. Lead is a metal that has been known since ancient times. It is particularly suitable for the renovation of prestigious monuments and buildings. It is a soft material, suitable for various shaping techniques, has a long lifespan, and can be 100% recycled.

In nature, lead develops a high resistance to atmospheric corrosion, gradually forming a silver-gray oxidation layer – patina, which protects the metal and ensures a long lifespan.

The standard program of lead sheets includes:

  • Lead sheets are usually available in stock in thicknesses of 1 mm and 2 mm in a natural colour, and in a thickness of 1.25 mm in colours: brick red RAL 8004, brown RAL 8019, gray RAL 7021, and red RAL 3009, in a width of 1000 mm.
  • For special requirements, we offer lead sheets with a thickness of 1 mm, a width of 1000 mm, on a coil, in natural and brick red colour.
  • Upon request, we also offer other thicknesses and dimensions.

In addition to architecture (roofs and facades), lead is highly useful in various industrial applications, such as radiation and radioactivity protection, as well as in chemical production and other fields. We provide lead in various forms and for various purposes.


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