Titanium-zinc sheet metal

Titancink is a high-quality material that contains zinc-copper-titanium alloys. Titancink is also known as “cinkotit”.
It is characterized by high resistance to corrosion and durability over time. Titanium provides greater resistance to permanent deformation and aging of copper, increasing the tensile strength of the material.
Its natural appearance is a shiny gray colour. When exposed to atmospheric conditions, it forms a self-protective layer that remains stable over time and gives a pleasant slate-like appearance through natural aging.
In addition to the natural look, we also offer factory-patinated surfaces that give the material a special charm.
In addition to sheets, we provide all the elements made from this material that are necessary for the production of roofing, façade cladding, and sheet metal products for rainwater drainage from buildings.

It is available in various dimensions:

  • Thickness from 0.2 to 3.00 mm
  • Coil widths from 70 to 1340 mm
  • Sheets in various standard widths and lengths up to 6 meters.

We are the exclusive distributor of the RHEINZINK brand, which offers the most comprehensive range of products for roofing, facade cladding, and drainage on a global scale. We also offer other manufacturers of titancink sheets listed below.



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